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Osteria U Locale in Buccheri is Just the Osteria You’re Looking For

If you’re ever in the mood to escape the ordinary, everyday amazing beauty of seaside Siracusa, grab your keys and take a drive up to the highest point in the Hyblean Mountain range, Monte Lauro.  You’ll find a sweet, warm little town called Buccheri up there.  Hungry? I highly recommend the Osteria U Locale.  This little restaurant on Via Dusmet in Buccheri is simple, nice, friendly and they serve great food and wine.  According to my father-in-law, the house wine was a robust Nero Di Avola. If you’re like me, the ability to eat at mellow little bistros like this is one of the reasons you came to Sicily.  I heard about it because it’s extremely popular, so call ahead for a reservation just to be on the safe side.  If you’re wondering what their number is, I put a link to their website in the body of this text. Their contact information is on that website. If you hadn’t figured that out already, I feel bad for you.

Chiesa Santa Maria Maddalena Buccheri

The osteria is right next to the beautiful Chiesa Santa Maria Maddalena.

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Duck while entering unless you’re a hobbit. If you are a hobbit, just walk away. They don’t serve your kind.

U Locale menu

My wife checks out the framed menu.

Speck, pecorino and salame antipasto

Antipasto: speck, pecorino and salame.

Olives and pickled fennel antipasto

Antipasto: olives and pickled fennel.

Fresh ricotta cheese

Antipasto: fresh ricotta cheese.


Antipasto: bruschetta

Primo piatto: penne with pistacchio and speck.

Primo piatto: penne with pistacchio and speck.

stinco di maiale

Secondo: stinco di maiale.

sfilacetti di carne with radicchio

Secondo: sfilacetti di carne with radicchio

cannoli di ricotta with chocolate chips

Dolce: cannoli di ricotta with chocolate chips

Escaping to the fresh air of the Sicilian mountains for a delicious lunch  in an adorable little tavern was a great way to start 2014 gastronomically. Figure €20 per adult. The food is well worth the drive.


  1. Carol
    Posted January 1, 2014 at 10:23 pm | #

    Beautiful pictures and family! Happy New Year!

  2. Linda
    Posted February 9, 2014 at 8:14 pm | #

    Hi Phil,
    it’s Linda in Sicily. See you made it here!I found this link looking up some stuff on Buccheri. U Locale is indeed a find. I just found a house for a friend of mine up in Buccheri . Great little town. hope you are enjoying Siracusa

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